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Great Warriors House

House Incharge – Vijay Kumar Maurya


Asst. Teachers- Mr. Rohit Mishra, Miss Rashi Mehrotra , Miss Alkuma Anjum, Mr. Obaidur Rehman

House Captains- Master Yash Anand Tiwari (XI), Miss Shalini Pathak (X)

House Vice Captains- Master Sachin Yadav (XI), Miss Nisha Afroz (X) 

Assembly In charge- Yash Anand Tiwari (IX), Nisha Afroz (X), Priyam Verma (X), Shalini Pathak (X) Ananya Rav (IX) , Aradhya Shukla (V) , Sankalp Jaiswal (VIII), Akshat Jaiswal (VIII) , Mohd. Rehan (X) , Om Verma (VIII)


Academic Achievements:

‘’There are things which only you can do. No one else can do them. Find what they are and go and do them.’’

Education is a process that goes on throughout life and is promoted by almost every experience of life. The students of Great Warriors are blessed. The brilliant performance of the Great Warriors lifted the moral of the house. In Great Warriors, we have masters of the fields. Great Warriors have several talented students in the field of Academics one of the most prolific is our School Topper – Sachin Yadav. We have several promising students such Nisha Afroz, Akshat Jaiswal, Sachin Yadav, Shalini Pathak, Priyam Verma in the field academics.

Sports Event:

‘’Adventure is not outside man, it is within’’. The statement was proved to be right in the field by the Warriors as we won the best Sports Trophy this Year.

Chess: - Rishi Singh (IV)(3rd position) , Om Verma (VIII) (2nd position) , Yash Anand Tiwari (XI) (2nd position)

Carom Singles: - Saurya Jaiswal(3rd position) (II), Sangam Vishwakarma (3rd position) (VIII), Prithvi Raj Singh (IX) (2nd position)

Carom doubles:-   Group (A):- Ayush Tiwari (IV) , Saksham Singh (IV)(3rd position)

         Group (B):- Sankalp Jaiswal (VIII) , Akshat Jaiswal (VIII) (2nd position)

         Group (C):- Harsh Vardhan Singh (XI) , Mohd Haider Mehandi (XI) (2nd position)

Cultural report/ Co-curricular Activities-

Students of Great Warriors House participated in many cultural activities and the work done by them is quite appreciable. Warriors have presented lot of good programs throughout the year among which Independence Day, Janmashtami were the main functions where Warriors excelled.

  Do all the good you can,  In all the ways you can,

  In all the places you can,  At all the times you can,

  Warriors, shine in whatever way you can.


Warriors proved their mettle in session 2018-19 .

                     " Life is like an empty canvas,

Academics are like outlines sketched on it,

But cultural and sports activities add color."

Warriors are equally active in co-curricular activities for it is these activities those enable us to fulfill our dreams and fly’’.