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Knight Riders House

House in charge – Mr. Rohit Pandey

House Teachers - Mr. Pawan Agrahari, Mr. Rohit Yadav, Mrs. Sapana Jaiswal, Miss. Princy Shukla, Miss. Sarla Maurya

House Captain –Surya Yadav

House vice captain- Vishal Kasodhan

Life is one big road with lots of signs
So when you riding through the ruts 
Don't you complicate your mind
Flee from hate, mischief and jealousy!
Don't bury your thoughts 
Put your vision to reality, yeah! wake up and live”


 Education is only weapon which give you a perfect support and soft life in each and every movement of life. This is only property which can’t be robbed and steal or divide by one from you.

We are very glad to report that our students done exceedingly well in spence of educational and curriculum activities.

Shivansh Singh (UKG)-1st, Aditi Yadav (1st)-1st, Sankalp (1st)-2nd, Askshit (2nd)- 2nd, Kirti Vardhan (6th)-3rdAnshika Kumari (7th)-1st, Jahnvi Jaiswal(7th)-2nd, Mansi Pal & Shivam Verma(7th) -3rd, Reshma (8th)-1st, Anubhav Verma (8th)3rd, Shiva Tripathi (9th) 10 cgpa, Shreya Chaudhary & Om Anshuman Tiwari (9th)-9.8 cgpa

Cultural Activities-

Cultural activities mean to know our Indian culture and how we can alive it through our participation.

Rakhi Competition-Every participant gave full heart to show their gratitude and to make healthy competition.

               Ist group -Anshika Tiwari (3rd), Aradhya Jaiswal (4th) Anshika Patel (4th), Riddhi Pandey (4th).

               2nd Group -Shambhavi (7th), Abhishek Viswakarma (7th), Yash Kasaudhan (8th), kashish (8th)

               3rd Group - Ritika Ranjan, Nandita Gupta, Sonam Yadav, Priya Shukla.

Singing Competition-

               Ist Group- Samriddhi Tiwari, Rudransh, Divyanshi.

               2nd Group- Aditi Tiwari, Riddhi Singh, Simran.

               3rd Group- Khushi , Afroz.

Board Decoration-

                            Mansi, Anushika, Vishal Yadav, Simran, Ritkia Tripathi, Anshika Pandey, Vishal Kasaudhan, Priya Sukla.

Rangoli Competition-

                             Vishal Yadav, Aryan Seth, Vishal Kasaudhan, Mohd. Taushif, Himanshu.


Indoor games-

       “Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection. We can catch excellence”

This line is perfectly suitable for our house students. They actively participate in various sport activities and given best through their performance.

Chess: Group (9th to 11th) - Aryan Seth (11th), Group (5th to 8th) -Abhishek (6th), Group (1st to 4th) -Aryan Agrahari (4th)

Carrom singles- Group (9th to 11th) -Vishal Yadav(11th), Group (5th to 8th)-Riddhi (5th), Group (1st to 4th) -Priyanshu Yadav (4th)

Carrom Doubles–

  Group (9th to 11th) - Ashutosh Pandey and Mohd Noman Khan

  Group (5th to 8th) - Keerti Vardhan and Abhishek

  Group (1st to 4th) - Rudransh and Akshit



Vishal Kasaudhan, Vishal Yadav, Saurabh Singh, Aryan Seth, Surya Yadav, Anurag Upadhyay, Shivam Yadav(10th), Shivam Yadav(11th), Abhishek Viswakarma, Ashutosh Pandey, Prateek Yadav, Arpti Yadav.

Kho Kho-

Sonam Yadav, AfrozFaitma, Simran Singh, Priya Soni, Riddhi Singh, SoniAgrahari, Khushi, SanyaSonkar, AnchalRajbhar.

       Riches worth end bulbs of kinds but skill and talent still remain, somehow they always lie, our have students proved them that they are the best every field of academic



Since a human being we keep learning many things from our society. There is enough possibilities of our self improvement and self growth; if we do it.